Avoiding MSDN’s Download Manager… Because it’s horrible!

Have you ever tried downloading anything from Microsoft using Microsoft’s Download Manager? If you have, then you know what I’m talking about when I say that IMHO that software is absolutely a piece of garbage. And whoever decided to make it that way needs to be fired from Microsoft (mabe not fired, but definitly demoted for the aweful job he/she has done on this thing). I mean it’s called Download Manager, but the only thing it can’t do is download one piece of software without some sort of error!!! Actually Richard Banks has a funny article about his encounters with this Download Manager (granted his article is from 2007, but I don’t think Microsoft has changed their software much)!

But since you are here, probably you want to know how to avoid using MSDN’s Download Manager. Well, there is a great extension for FireFox, which is called DownThemAll!, which can be your best friend here. Just add it to your FireFox and you’ll know what I mean.


After adding it to your FireFox browser, navigate to where you want to download the file from and choose “Web Browser” instead of “Download Manager” from the Download Method drop down box, and click continue.


When FireFox’s download window opens up, choose DownThemAll, and hit OK


Choose where you want the file to be saved and hit Start!, and Voila!!! You even get full speed download rather than 1MB/s limit from Download Manager!!


Also, if the download gets stuck, just right-click and pause the download, then right click and click resume. This will resume the download and it wont fail :D. Yay!!!!!



I hope this saves somebody some time 🙂

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